The Biosmart Initiative was founded in 2013 by a group of students at the University of Exeter who came across the hidden world of Biochar enthusiasts. These students decided to make use of the positive impacts of Biochar and spread the word and give developing countries the means to take advantage of these benefits.

Taking action

The Biosmart Initiative in partnership with UK-based charity “Friends of Kadzinuni”, who focus on the socio-economic development of Kadzinuni, on the eastern coast of Kenya. There are two projects that are currently underway. Firstly, the biochar fuel cooperative project, this project aims to provide a sustainable cooking fuel for the village as well as employing and empowering women in the village, whilst reducing waste and preventing deforestation.  The second being a soil amendment project to improve farming productivity. Experiments to test biochar in the Kadzinuni soil are underway.

enabling progress

Our aim is to set up a social enterprise that will promote the use of Biochar wherever it might be useful. Our role is that of technology transfer, making sure we provide the necessary instructions and advice to empower communities through biochar. Our goal is for these communities to ultimately make a sustainable income for themselves and creating a positive impact on their communities, tackling the problems such as fuel poverty and poor crop yields. These practices will aid us in developing the necessary solutions to overcome these problems.  We believe that biochar creates the best and most sustainable solutions for these problems while being conscious of the environment.