Tiwala works in collaboration with the charity ‘TEN Foundations’ who are based within rural regions of the Philippines. Our aim focuses on poverty alleviation which is achieved through a livelihood programme based on the creation and selling of soap. Through this, members of the community will be employed and earn a wage to support themselves and their families.

Through our close connection with ‘TEN Foundations’, we realised that there was an opportunity to further their fantastic work, through the creation of a new livelihood programme which could empower and employ more people in the community. We actively began forming our own relationships with our beneficiaries in the Philippines and started to learn of their hardships. We learned that in the community of Navotas the population suffers terribly from a continual state of poverty, with minimal prospects for improvement.

It was through extensive discussions with our Project Partner and beneficiaries that we formed this project, realising that they were keen to tackle the social problems which existed in their community. From this we decided to focus on the particular product of soap, which would not only be used to create a new form of employment, but also act as a tool to improve the quality of people’s lives on a more basic scale i.e. its actual use within the wider community

 Taking action

After establishing relationships with community leaders, two of our Enactus members travelled to the Philippines, and through collaborating with TEN Foundations we selected four members of the community who needed our help.

These students brought with them the knowledge required to make the soap, and transferred these skills through practical training sessions. In order to ensure that the correct procedures continued to be carried out after their departure, our team members provided supportive training materials, such as a written handbook.

enabling progress

Following the training which they have underwent, full employment will begin for our four participants which will result in them receiving 8,000 Pesos per month (which is six times above the international poverty line). As well as this, they will receive enough soap for sustaining their family’s needs.

In the future we intend to establish a donation scheme, whereby members of the community in need will be able to access this vital product despite the fact it was previously unavailable to them. This means that, not only will the effect of the project be felt by those directly involved, but also the wider community.