Top Tips and advice- What to expect at Training Weekend!

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Hollie Stanton; Events Manager at Enactus UK has come up with some top tips and provided some important information for our National Training Weekend which is taking place on the 3rd-5th November 2017! 


-Be prepared to learn…. a lot!

Our National Training weekend is designed to help you help you build more impactful projects and more effective Enactus teams. There are a range of sessions for you to choose from, so make the most of it! This year we have five streams of training: Leadership, Commercial, Social Enterprise, Community Projects and Enactus Essentials so there really is something for everyone! Ever heard of the phrase ‘you get out what you put in’, well it couldn’t be more true in Enactus! So get involved in the sessions, speak up, ask questions and make notes- you’ll need these after to make sure you can pass on everything you’ve learned to your fellow Enactus members back on your campus!

-Prepare to be inspired and meet a wonderful bunch of people! 

Whether you’re talking to our Partner Companies on Friday at our Careers Fair (top tip: bring business cards or CVs that you can give out), talking to your fellow Enactus members or talking to one of our wonderful alumni speakers, you’ll meet a range of people! So learn from everyone around you! Mix up from your team members and speak to as many other Enactus students as possible. Everyone has something to teach you! If you’re new to Enactus, one thing is for sure, you will leave feeling more inspired than you ever have done before! 


We know this will be very important to all of you so we’ll give you the lowdown! You’ll get three meals a day (three hot meals I might add!!). Don’t expect 5-star cuisine so think jacket potatoes, fish and chips, burgers, etc! Trust us, you won’t go hungry! 😊

As a quick summary of what food is included: Friday- Please note lunch will not be provided this day so if you’re arriving early you should bring this with you, Dinner and drinks around the bonfire will be provided in the evening / Saturday- Breakfast, Lunch and a Three Course Fancy Dinner / Sunday- Breakfast and Lunch before you depart!

*All dietary requirements will be catered for!


Remember the days of bunk beds? Well they are back with a vengeance at Training Weekend! The rooms are basic but clean, you’ll have a roof over your head, bathroom facilities and a bed to rest your head on so what more do you need (You won’t be spending much time in the rooms anyway).

*Males and females will be in separate rooms!


What to bring with you?

Never been to Training Weekend before so not sure what to pack? Well we’ve put together a list to make sure you’re all set!


We all make an effort for the formal dinner on the Saturday evening (don your best gear) but otherwise dress warm! The dress code is casual so jeans, boots, coats, gloves, hats, scarfs (Remember it is November….. in the UK!)


Unless you plan on not showering for the whole weekend (trust us… your roommates won’t thank you for this) then you’ll need towels as these are not provided!


There is no cashpoint on site and I’m sure you’re going to want to buy a drink from the bar on Saturday night or buy a sweet snack from the Alumni Tuck Shop for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day!

For a full list of items to bring see our complete list below!

HAVE A GREAT TIME! It’s one of the best events in the Enactus year so above all have fun and enjoy every second!

**Full list of what to bring to Training Weekend:

  • Jacket & Tie/Formal Dress for Saturday Evening Dinner
  • Outdoor Activity Wear (Jeans/Tracksuit Bottoms, sweatshirt or fleece)
  • Outdoor shoes (Trainers or Walking Boots)
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Spare Warm Clothing
  • Headgear (If you feel the cold)
  • Water Bottle
  • Notepad $ Pen
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Cash/Money