UNiversity advisers' steering group 

The Enactus UK University Adviser Steering Group was established to represent the UK University Adviser network and to liaise with Enactus UK. It aims to create an engaged and supportive community of Enactus University Advisers (UAs) across the UK , who are equipped to work with their local Enactus team and promote Enactus at their institution.  The group annually develops a series of events for UAs, including face to face training and online check-ins. It invites the network to submit topics for training and discussion and to suggest future resources which would help UAs in their role and help their team to improve their on campus programme.


The Steering Group is led by Bonnie Hacking, Enterprise Adviser within the Careers Centre at the University of St. Andrews. Bonnie was instrumental in establishing the programme at St. Andrews in 2014. She sees the UA role as being supportive, encouraging and a conduit to other people in the university and within her network. Read more about Bonnie and her work here

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Roma Bhowmick is Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy at the University of Hertfordshire. Roma was instrumental in establishing Enactus at the University. Roma’s career to date has involved supporting the growth of commercial and social Enterprise, so when she saw the Enactus opportunity arise at Hertfordshire, she says that she just had to go for it!

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Sean Hoare

Acting Enterprise Manager for Cardiff University Careers & Employability

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Sandra Benbow

BSEEN Enterprise Consultant at Aston University. 

Sandra believes in the Enactus mission of transforming lives using entrepreneurial action. Being involved in Enactus is a rewarding experience for Sandra and it has helped her develop her coaching skills which she now uses in 1:1 sessions with students. 

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Philip Clegg

Head of Student and Graduate Business Start-Up with the University of Huddersfield's Enterprise Team.

With a strong interest in Social Enterprise and currently undertaking Doctor of Enterprise research to support the development of new social enterprises, the university's recent 'Enactus University' status fits well with his own values and interests. Contact: