Enactus World Cup from the perspective of an enactus uk student

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This was the chant that kept reiterating itself all through the three incredible days I spent at the Enactus World Cup 2017 in London. My first Enactus World Cup and it has truly been the highlight so far for me in 2017. It was such an inspiring experience and I am glad to have had the privilege of being in the midst of innovative, committed and passionate students from all around the globe.

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My first highlight of the event has to be the World Cultural Experience. It was absolutely amazing! Everyone was in such eminent mood filled with energy, positivity and just pure fun which was certainly contagious. Seeing students from different countries showing off bits of their cultures and having the opportunity to learn a couple of words in their language was wonderful and at that moment, I felt so proud to be part of this amazing community.

Let us not forget that vibrant and electrifying atmosphere during the opening ceremony. The second highlight has to be watching the presentations of some of the different countries during the opening round of competition. It really was a pleasure watching a lot of young adults like myself who are dedicated to using the power of entrepreneurial action to build sustainable communities. The Global Goals forum was another highlight; it was very motivating to see students discussing and creating awareness on how businesses and society can proactively work together to make the world a better place by tacking the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

My final highlight would have to be the final round competitions and the closing ceremony. It was then I really understood the impact and the scale that Enactus projects can reach; and as Mr Paul Polman (CEO Unilever) said “We don’t have to be the Gandhi of this world, but we can certainly make a change”. Obviously, can’t forget the Enactus Party with a Purpose, I mean what a fantastic way to end such an incredible experience.


I really learnt a lot during this experience and going forward will be putting all the advice I received from other Enactus teams into action this coming Enactus year! Once again congratulations to the students from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies for winning this year’s Enactus World Cup"! 

Cindy Boateng, Nottingham Trent University, Project Leader for CORE