ENACTUS WORLD CUP 2017 | September 26 - 28th

Enactus UK is proud to welcome the world to London in September 2017. 


Enactus, an international nonprofit organisation with 70,500+ students from 1,700+ universities in 36 countries, has chosen London to host its signature global event – Enactus World Cup. From September 26th to 28th, 2017 a select group of 3,500 students, business, academic and government leaders from around the globe will gather in London for this special event that includes three unforgettable days of collaboration, competition and celebration.


The members of Enactus believe that entrepreneurial action can create a better world for us all. Guided by academic professionals and supported by business executives, Enactus students apply their talents and innovative thinking to create community development projects focused on areas such as entrepreneurship, food security, access to water and women’s economic empowerment that empower others to improve their livelihoods.

Like in business, competition in the social sector encourages creativity and rewards results. At the Enactus World Cup, the National Champion team from each of the 36 participating countries have the opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial action they took to raise the standard of living for others. Top global business executives serve as judges, evaluating the teams’ performance and ultimately select one as the Enactus World Champion.

In addition, event participants have the opportunity to challenge the status-quo of thought leaders as they engage in an interactive dialogue with global action leaders. Through a series of forums, networking activities and breakout sessions attendees are able to experience the energy created when world business leaders intersect with student innovators, and how together they are able to motivate personal change and drive new ideas.

And throughout it all, Enactus World Cup celebrates the diversity of culture, abundance of ideas and synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.

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We thank our ENACTUS UK National Partners for their kind sponsorship of the event.



We are proud to support Enactus’ work around the world. As host country sponsor, we are particularly excited that the 2017 World Cup will take place here in the UK. Once again, we expect that the Enactus World Cup will showcase entrepreneurial, creative thinking that’s so important for business today.

The link between business and education is something that we feel very passionate about and is mutually beneficial for students and businesses. Students build up their experience before graduating, while businesses gain new insights and fresh ways of thinking from the next generation of leaders. The relationship with Enactus also provides Enterprise with access to some of the brightest young minds, which ultimately shape the way we do business.




 As Chairman of Enactus UK, I’m delighted we’re able to sponsor the 2017 World Cup and I’m looking forward to the competition itself with some of the best and brightest taking part. SIG has firm roots in the UK, having started in Sheffield back in 1957 and we’re now a truly international organisation with over 700 trading locations across the UK, Republic of Ireland, mainland Europe and the Middle East.

 Our Gold sponsor status shows our commitment to working with and supporting these outstanding university students to help them and us play a more productive role in the communities and markets in which we operate. It’s also a great opportunity for us because we also get to promote our fantastic international graduate scheme which starts them on their journey to become our business leaders of the future.


At Tesco, we are inspired by the projects, passion and commitment each and every Enactus team delivers year after year. That is why we are proud to be sponsoring the Enactus World Cup 2016.

Wherever Tesco operates, our customers say they want us to do the right thing – for them, their communities and the environment. We not only work to meet those expectations but ensure no one tries harder for customers.

At Tesco, we know every little help makes a big difference. 

Enactus not only improves the livelihoods of communities and individuals around the globe but also develops students into responsible, socially minded business leaders of the future.


For more information and for a full list of the WorldWide Sponsors of the 2017 Enactus World Cup please visit www.enactus.org