Yee-Ping Pang

Previous Enactus University: Southampton

Current Role: E-commerce Manager

Organisation: Lloyds Banking Group

Being part of Enactus was the highlight of being at University, which I am sure you can all relate to. I was part of the initial SanEco team in Southampton, specifically focusing on the sanitary towel side of the project. In my last year I was the Project leader of SanEco where I led the team in expanding to more entrepreneurs and also diversifying our solutions to soap- we also won the Unilever Made by you award which was great in helping to expand SanEco but also a great testament to the entire team.

Playing such an active part in Enactus during my time at university has given me really important experience which has prepared me for life after university. Being project leader of SanEco helped develop my skills in leadership, influencing and stakeholder management which is key if you are looking for any graduate role! Another aspect of being part of Enactus is that it also showed me what kind of role I was looking for which was being part of an organisation which can genuinely make a difference to people’s lives.

I am now on the Lloyds Banking Group Digital Graduate Scheme- currently working on Personal Current Accounts and International Payments eCommerce. Working life in Digital in Lloyds Banking Group is fast paced, full of challenges and with a lot of specialists who you can learn from. The best thing about being part of Digital at Lloyds Banking Group is seeing the changes being rolled out which genuinely improves customer experiences day in and day out making things simpler for them.