The  programme aligns with the UN’s 17 sustainable goals and each team will follow the same five stage approach when developing their projects.

  • Phase One: Programme Establishment - Each programme engages students with the support of school staff to establish a team within their institution

  • Phase Two: Team Development - Each school focuses on supporting the process of students coming into teams & assigning team roles to work for their project, collectively. It is completely up to the individuals, as to how they would like to structure their project team. Role examples would include Project Leaders, Marketing Lead, Fundraising/Finance Lead etc.

  • Phase Three: Idea Generation & Research - Teams generate project ideas, gather insights & assess needs to ensure their project has maximum impact within their community. The idea generation section would involve running various brainstorming sessions to help with creating a project idea, which would then be followed by researching the need within the community and finding a project partner. This could include carrying out interviews, focus groups or distributing questionnaires.

  • Phase Four: Project Development - Students implement their project & continue to develop it to ensure it will have a long-term impact on the community they work with. This section would primarily involve the implementation stage, where the team would start running their project with their chosen project partner &  working with beneficiaries to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others!

  • Phase Five: Competition - At regional events, teams showcase their work and share ideas with one another, whilst connecting with business leaders & various organisations. This would consist of celebrating the great and inspiring work you have completed throughout the programme year. This is a chance to reflect on the change you have made within your community and be proud of everything you have achieved over the year.

‘Throughout these phases, each school will be provided with one to one support in helping to develop both their team and project during the year. As this programme aims to be student-led, this should allow each individual to play a crucial part in not only shaping the role they play in this process and but developing their own skills, as both a leader and team member’.