The following guidelines govern the activity and communication by Enactus teams, University Advisors, students and any other representatives of a team, while representing themselves as official members of the Enactus network and while operating under and with the use of the Enactus trademark. The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of each Enactus country, working within parameters defined by the global organisation, determines eligibility rules for individual institutions as well as student and faculty participation.

Enactus UK is a registered UK charity. Charity status is not extended to individual Enactus university teams in the United Kingdom or in any other operating country. All Enactus teams are separate legal entities and are encouraged to obtain comprehensive insurance including legal liability through their institution or Students Union. Enactus UK takes no responsibility for internal or external operations or activities. Nor are the teams allowed to use the Enactus charity number when requesting or receiving contributions. 

Liability Disclaimer

By participating in the Enactus programme or events, the participating Universities, University Advisors and team participants acknowledge that Enactus is not responsible for team projects, activities or events. University Advisors and team participants will follow the guidelines set forth in the Enactus Team Handbook and their own institutional policies and regulations. Travel to Enactus events is strictly at each participant’s own risk and expense. Enactus shall not be liable for injury or loss of property traveling to or during an event. Participating Universities, University Advisors and team

participants agree to release, fully discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Enactus, its affiliates, officers, directors or representatives, from any and all liabilities, losses, claims, judgments, damages (whether direct or indirect, consequential, incidental or special), expenses and costs (including reasonable fees and expenses of counsel) that they may suffer or incur by reason of participating in any way in the Enactus programme or at an Enactus event. The above still applies if and when Enactus UK offer full reimbursement or subsidies for travel and accommodation.


Each individual University may have only one Enactus team. Additionally, branches of a university may each have their own teams as long as they are located on different campuses. In these instances, each team must have a different University Advisor. Enactus UK has established a clear process for new membership. Interested Universities should contact Andrew Bacon for details.

Once new teams are added to the network, there are intentionally very few rules or procedures established at a national level for how these teams should be organised and structured. This flexibility allows each University to structure its team in a manner that best fits its faculty, student and community needs. Each team has complete freedom to adopt rules and procedures to govern its own activities, beyond those outlined in this handbook, as long as they are consistent with the Enactus Membership Guidelines.

This same flexibility applies to each team’s programmatic/outreach efforts. The only parameter Enactus places on a team’s projects is that they should be designed to meet the judging criterion. Other aspects of the projects are left to the discretion of the team. These aspects include but are not limited to: the number of team members engaged in project implementation, the utilisation of experts, the beneficiary type, media outreach, whether the curricula/training resources used are pre-designed or original content, and much more. The programme staff members in each country are also available to meet teams individually and can provide personal consultation to teams as they organise and develop their outreach projects.

Enactus utilises a global auditing initiative for all teams competing at the Enactus World Cup. This audit is required and is conducted by Enactus UK. We have taken proactive measures to ensure that our country offices are fully-prepared for the process. We also encourage teams to prepare accordingly in the event that they are selected for an audit at any point in the year. Enactus UK reserve the right to perform an audit of any team.

University Advisors

In order to be recognized by Enactus, each team must have a University Advisor. To qualify as a University Advisor, candidates must be employed by the university they represent. No restrictions are made as to the specific nature of the applicant’s role at the University they represent. Each team may have more than one University Advisor. All University Advisors should be registered through the Active Team Sheet. Enactus teams are required to submit their own Active Team Sheet. As a University Advisor you must ensure mandatory reporting required by Enactus UK are sign off and submitted within the given deadline. 


Any person officially enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student at university, whether full or part-time, is eligible to participate in Enactus. Students may only serve on the team of the university at which they are enrolled. Students who attend classes on more than one campus, or students enrolled in both a two-year and four-year program (or other) at the same time, may participate on more than one team, but are only permitted to represent one team at competition.

Each individual team has complete authority to establish restrictions or qualifications for membership beyond those outlined above. To be recognised as an official and active student participant by Enactus, students must have invested a minimum of 10 hours and registered online at www.enactus.org or through the Active Team Sheet (registration though the Active Team Sheet is a mandate for all students outside of the USA).


To be a member of the alumni network, an individual must have been actively involved in Enactus while enrolled at university. Upon graduation, registered team members can join the alumni network by registering at www.enactusukalumni.org

Special Partnerships and Opportunities

Enactus teams that are engaged in special partnerships and/or granted opportunities to be involved in certain activities through the efforts of the organisation must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Enactus Team Special Partnership/Opportunity Agreement. Note that special partnerships and opportunities include, but are not limited to: featuring teams and/or their projects in marketing campaigns (including www.enactus.org & www.enactusuk.org), internships, exchange programs, scholarships, speaking engagements/presentations at Enactus (or Enactus-affiliated) functions/events, projects with or without funding opportunities.

Code of Conduct

In the Enactus organisation, where borders between countries are becoming increasingly transparent, principles adhered to by network participants are becoming the necessary criteria for building a good reputation in the international business community. The following principles are the basis on which ongoing quality relationships are formed and maintained. This Code of Conduct should be applied in good faith, with reasonable business judgment, to enable Enactus to achieve its mission within the framework of the laws of each participating country. It applies to all individuals participating in the network in any capacity (including, but not limited to: employees, student team members, Faculty Advisors, judges at Enactus competitions, alumni and members of the Enactus Board and Business Advisory Boards). These individuals will be referred to as network participants within this Code of Conduct.

Enactus expects all network participants to treat one another and all people with dignity and constant respect. We will value the differences between diverse individuals from around the world. Abusive, harassing or offensive conduct is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical or visual. This consideration would prohibit any network participant at any time from physically or verbally abusing another person; from speaking negatively about other network members while representing themselves as an official member of the network; from using profane language or vulgar gestures; from demeaning or belittling another person or making derogatory comments about his or her race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin or sexual orientation; and from engaging in conduct intended, or so reckless as to be likely to cause harm to another.

Enactus expects all participants to demonstrate honesty and integrity in their statements and actions. All participants shall adhere to the ideals of honesty, fairness and “doing the right thing” without compromise, even when circumstances make it difficult. When speaking to the news media and in other public statements and settings, participants should conduct themselves with respect and dignity, and they should not demean the organisation or other network participants. If, in the context of public statements and settings, participants wish to speak as private individuals, they shall make clear their intention to do so. 

Network participants should display and use the Enactus logo only in accordance with the Trademark Guidelines and in a manner appropriate to the organisation’s purpose. It is the personal responsibility of each individual working within and through the network to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in all dealings, whether inside or outside the activities of the network.

Enactus seeks to be highly regarded around the world. We wish to earn and preserve a good reputation by striving for excellence in everything we do. As a participant in the network, your actions are a reflection of the Enactus worldwide organisation at all times. Any member of the network who believes another member has acted in violation of this code should report the violation in writing to the President and CEO. Any complaint not filed in this manner will be disregarded.

Equal Opportunities Policy

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