Enabling Progress Through Entrepreneurial Action

We work with 61 universities in the UK developing a national network of socially-minded young leaders of the future who transform communities and society through real life social action and environmentally responsible enterprise



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Heres how it works:

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Start a team:

We work with 61 universities in the UK, find out if your university already has a programme or how to start a new one below:


Develop your support network and attend one of our training events to get learn how to get your projects off the ground, find loads of information to get you started:

Build your projects

Find out about what issues in the world you are passionate about use your new skills to get them off the ground, discover some of our teams projects:


Every year each team gets the opportunity to present their teams projects and impact at our regional and national expo where we crown the national champion, find out more:


Get involved in the University Programme:

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Are you a student looking to make an impact during your time at university? Want to find out how you can get involved? Click below to find out more...

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Are you a member of university staff? Looking to start a programme at your university or want to find if you already have one? Find out more, click below...

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Our corporate partners play an essential part in advancing our work, find out who our sponsors are and how you can join us by clicking below...

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Not ready to leave yet? You don't have to! Join the Enactus Uk alumni and get involved with events, professional development and mentoring...


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